Vision & Customer Proposition
Quick Facts
Within a week, we’ve helped one of the world’s largest travel luggage companies define a leading retail experience.
  • 5 Days
  • Strategy
  • Proposition
Our Brief

This Place was engaged to evaluate current plans for the omni-channel re-launch of one of their retail brands and run a series of workshops in order to draw out the brand’s value proposition strategy.

Defining a Leading Retail Experience

After evaluating shared confidential assets from the client we decided to focus on three key areas in the workshops with senior management. Internal knowledge combined with market research allowed us to prepare to drive towards clarity of strategy.

Focus Areas
  • Vision Statement and Target Market Position
    A strong vision statement was needed to frame the strategy and future decision making.
  • Customer Experience Proposition
    With a firm idea of what the business aspired to be to its customers and its target position in the market, we were able to start defining a proposition that aligned.
  • Technology and Operations Suitability
    As the client operates a group organisation, we identified where they had the ability to leverage existing capabilities and supplement with new only where essential.
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