Global Language for a Unified Experience (GLUE)
Quick Facts
T-Mobile GLUE (Global Language for Unified Experiences) is an online platform that serves as the single repository for all T-Mobile brand and design guidelines.
  • 6 Months
  • Design, Development
  • Responsive Web
The Challenge

T-Mobile works with a lot of external agencies and suppliers to deliver digital products and services across multiple platforms. Keeping the brand’s vision, goals and identity consistent is a challenge, especially when brand governance is conducted via distributing static, non-editable PDFs and printed materials.

Our Solution

We conceived, designed and delivered a single living document platform for all brand and design guidelines – always up to date, tracking the evolution of the brand and all its applications.

Design Research

At the start of the project we conducted interviews and workshops with stakeholders aimed to highlight the pain points of their legacy approach. The result was an outline of the features and requirements for the GLUE minimum viable product:

  • Ability to perform ‘in-line’ guideline editing
  • Ability for multiple people to make edits at the same time
  • Various tiers of access rights
  • Full history of content views/edits
  • Live previews of code snippets
Experience Architecture

The next step was to develop a robust information architecture – a sitemap and the primary flows depicting how the users will perform common tasks within the platform. Having the processes and interactions thoroughly documented helped the development team create a first draft of the delivery schedule.

The Importance of Sketching

Rather than going for a complete set of wireframes first, we proceeded to just sketch out the main layouts and templates. We conducted user testing of the sketches with T-Mobile staff and suppliers rapidly iterating at this low fidelity level. Once we had solid proof from our users that the design approach was working, we moved to high fidelity wireframes and creative designs.

Design and Delivery Approach

It became obvious early on that this project would be a case of atomic design – http://atomicdesign.bradfrost.com . Our designers, in close collaboration with our developers, identified all the elements – atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and pages – and proceeded to plan our delivery sprints in a bottom-up fashion.

The Result

In less than 6 months from project kick-off, we launched the first iteration of GLUE within the T-Mobile IT infrastructure as a stand-alone tool. Designers as well as developers started to populate the product with our help and are now using it productively.

Our Process
  • Analysing the Challenge
    We identified where the businesses' pain points were and whom they are effecting.
  • Architecting a Solution
    Subsequently we designed a solution that enables the business to streamline design processes and communication by centralising all information in a "single source of truth".
  • Building the Solution
    Once the solution was agreed with the client, our development team started the build process.
  • Deploying the Solution
    Within 6 months, the platform was deployed on the T-Mobile infrastructure and staff as well as external suppliers started the onboarding process.
  • Maintenance and Iterations
    We are now gathering regular feedback, collect statistics on user behaviour, and deploy new features on a fortnightly basis based on the back log.
“This Place has proactively identified the need for T-Mobile GLUE and has successfully delivered an invaluable tool for our internal teams and external suppliers.”
Nicholas Drake, T-Mobile USA
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