How do you bring a global design system to life?

T-Mobile were having trouble keeping brand experience consistent across a wide range of digital products and platforms, designed by an array of internal teams and external partners. Whilst the notion of a design system existed, it lived within static PDF documents that weren’t able to meet the needs of designers, engineers and product teams as they created or maintained their key digital platforms.

To solve this problem This Place created GLUE, a purpose built digital style guide platform to house essential content and resources that allows internal design teams and agency partners to create products and services more effectively and efficiently. The CMS driven solution allowed for teams to access thousands of design artefacts, including interactive UI elements, code snippets, asset downloads and instructional videos. We also created deep integrations into Adobe Experience Manager to allow web marketing teams to view live components within the platform.

  • Design & experience strategy
  • Digital product design
  • Web development
  • Delivery management
Example activities
  • User research & journey mapping
  • Concepting & rapid prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • UX & UI design
  • Development
Our top takeaways
  1. 01A platform for the creative freedom
  2. 02Integration into T-Mobile’s systems

A platform for the creative freedom

Coherency over consistency

GLUE serves as both an educational resource and a repository of assets , to ensure that internal and external teams alike have a clear understanding of both the overarching experience vision for T-Mobile and access to the resources needed to deliver it. Unlike most style guides, GLUE doesn’t contain endless rules in order to ensure consistency. It instead contains inspirational content that allows for and encourages creative expression. This approach means that when a customer uses one of the many different products and services within the T-Mobile portfolio they will be met with something that feels connected and coherent without feeling overly predictable or homogenous.

This Place proactively identified the need for T-Mobile GLUE and successfully delivered an invaluable tool for our internal teams and external suppliers.
Executive VP, Marketing and Experience
T-Mobile, USA

Integration into T-Mobile’s systems

Providing secure access to resources

As both a core internal tool, and a constantly evolving knowledge base, user management and security was a key priority. We collaborated closely with T-Mobile’s internal engineering teams to integrate their Single Sign On (SSO) solution to ensure secure access for employees and agency partners. In addition, robust user rights management was put in place to ensure that viewing and editing content was both simple and tightly managed by Design Leadership.

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