Ahold Delhaize
Receipts to Recipes
Quick Facts
This Place identified an opportunity to help customers save time & eat healthily by utilising Ahold Delhaize's huge recipe database. Our innovative 'Receipts to Recipes' app uses image recognition technology to scan a customer's store till receipt and recommend recipes that can be cooked from the purchased items.
  • 6 Weeks
  • Design, Development, Experiments
  • Mobile app prototype
Our Brief

Recognising the potential of connected devices, Ahold Delhaize asked us to develop ideas for how mobile devices can enhance their customer’s shopping experience both in-store and online.

Our Solution

A mobile app harnessing a store receipt, enabling customers to find inspiration and view recipes to cook based on their recent in store purchases. We’ve developed a prototype, validated it with customers and delivered a go-to-market plan.

How it Works

Customers take a picture of a supermarket store receipt. An automatic OCR (optical character recognition) engine contextually captures the information and in real-time presents recipes that use the ingredients found on the receipt.

Customers felt that this experience added context and relevance to their shopping experience, helping them to discover new ideas for meal and to eat a little more healthily.

“The Receipts to Recipes prototype was very well received within our organisation. It prompted us to invest more into forward-thinking digital products to help deliver a world class shopping experience.”
Marcus Spurrell, SVP Digital Personalisation, Loyalty & Analytics, Ahold Delhaize
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