Design Catalyst Workshop
Quick Facts
McKinstry is a national leader in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining high-performing buildings. They recently began implementing new technology solutions in the field. Their cross functional team needed our help to introduce new perspectives around fostering a design-centered approach towards solving complex system and product challenges.
  • 1 Days
  • Design, Strategy
  • Design Thinking Workshop
How can design help people uncover the hidden opportunities in an organization?

We worked with McKinstry to come up with three key areas to facilitate constructive and creative conversations around digital product design, integrating design into their operations and scaling new ways of creative thinking in their culture.

Workshop Areas of Focus
  • Design & Digital Transformation
    Becoming a digital-first company requires solving problems through new ways of thinking. This Place led a discussion on how design-led principles of problem solving are evolving the growth and success of companies across sectors.
  • Intro to Design Systems in the Enterprise
    Design systems are foundational to scaling effective software and digital experiences within a company. We shared how companies like McKinstry can leverage design systems to scale their work and ship better software more efficiently.
  • App Design Review
    This Place conducted a detailed design audit of forthcoming McKinstry product, geared around aggregating daily reports into a system ready to enable machine learning to drive more efficient construction operations. During the workshop, we facilitated a design critique, with a focus on recommendations to enhance the experience and its ability to deliver to the operational goals.
“Their approach to design thinking, digital transformation, and design principles was clear and easy-to-understand, offering great points that can be applicable across our business right away.”
Ben Todd, McKinstry, Product Manager
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