Digital Strategy & Innovation
Quick Facts
This Place developed a strategy & operating framework for T-Mobile’s innovation team tasked to explore and evaluate possible opportunities for their digital business.
  • 5 Weeks
  • Strategy
  • Change Management /
Our Brief

Develop an approach to ensure the team focuses on relevant areas of innovation (in a world of infinite possibilities), with a view to address tomorrow’s business challenges and contribute to the targets set out in the long range plan.

Primary & Secondary Research

This Place began by identifying and gathering the perspectives of stakeholders outside the Innovation team. These stakeholders are the ‘client’ of the Innovation team, as the innovation work must be viewed as an extension of their capabilities and horizon of visibility.

We leveraged connections to access cross industry innovation teams, who opened up their doors to share their approaches with us. Combined with secondary research, we were able to capture the learnings from these innovation teams to use as an input into our recommendations.

Vision & Strategy

Using insights and best practices gleaned from our in-depth research as an input into our thought process, we crafted an overarching vision and set of strategic pillars to help guide the team’s discovery and exploration of opportunities. This included developing a portfolio approach to evaluate and focus these opportunities ensuring the right mix of risk taking ideas and ones that tackled the challenges faced by the business, whilst always working towards the delivery of tangible benefit as required in the long range plan.

Vision, Strategic Pillars & Areas of Opportunity
Vision, Strategic Pillars & Areas of Opportunity
Operating Model

We structured our detailed operating model around a few areas of focus which would help to guide success:

  • Areas of focus
  • A methodology for the team to run hypothesis driven testing
  • Success definition (criteria by which to evaluate ideas)
  • Communication & buy-in approach
  • Team size & structure
Innovation Methodology & Roadmap
Innovation Methodology & Roadmap
The Result

By working closely with T-Mobile and understanding their talent, culture & needs, This Place was able to develop and propose a framework that allows the Innovation team to support and be in service of the larger organization. We have now pivoted to work with this team on innovation execution.

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