How do you rapidly launch a multi-market digital flagship store across Asia?

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Guardian and Mannings are two of Asia’s leading Health & Beauty retailers, and in fast-paced Asian markets a leading ecommerce offering is paramount to stay ahead.

Building on the strategic vision and blueprint we established as partners of Dairy Farm, we worked on redesigning Hybris out of the box capabilities to rapidly launch a scalable, repeatable ecommerce experience as well as redesigning the organisation to continue to deliver digital products at pace.

  • Business & digital strategy
  • Technology strategy
  • Digital product design
  • Business design
Example activities
  • Transformation programme leadership
  • North star vision & experience blueprint
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Concepting & rapid prototyping
  • UX & UI design
  • Omnichannel operations design
  • Organisation design
The results
Ecommerce offering for Mannings, fully scalable O2O platform
Increase in visit duration post launch
Increase in Guardian's conversion rate post re-launch
Our top takeaways
  1. 01Setting the North Star vision
  2. 02Repositioning a brand with a multi-phased strategy
  3. 03Collaborative working

Setting the North Star vision

Defining the future experience

The first step in a digital transformation is defining the digital north star; a long term point of orientation and a shared goal for the entire organisation. Working as strategic advisors to the CDO, we helped to define the group digital strategy, technology architecture, and operating and deployment model across all Health & Beauty brands and markets. Through a combination of market, industry and competitor research, digital persona creation and stakeholder interviews and engagements, we laid out the digital customer value proposition.

Desktop screenshot of a browser showing the Guardian ecommerce website
Mobile screenshot of a browser showing the Guardian ecommerce website
Desktop screenshot of a browser showing the Guardian ecommerce website - Top Offers section
They have done audits on our websites, have developed the CX blue print for our north star vision and have created the User Interface for the digital flagship store that was first launched in Singapore for Guardian.
Regional Head of Digital & E-commerce (Health & Beauty)
The Dairy Farm Group

Repositioning a brand with a multi-phased strategy

Building the foundations

In a fast-moving market, it was important to get to market without delay, but the foundation phase is pivotal to ensuring the business is set to scale. Our foundational launch would be just that, a minimum viable product to be continually enhanced to keep delivering incremental customer and commercial benefit. Starting with domestic ecommerce for Singapore and Hong Kong, we set the base for other markets to join.

Identifying the need to scale at speed, our approach was to launch the first product using as much as possible from Hybris' out-of-the-box ecommerce offering with minimal customisation. This pragmatic decision allowed us to deliver a fully operational product at speed, moving into continuous improvement following the initial launches at the end of 2019 and early 2020.

Desktop screenshot of a browser showing a product on the Guardian ecommerce website
Their work is thorough starting from conceptualizing the plan, doing extensive research, creating the big picture and finally joining the dots with practical operating frameworks.
Regional Head of Digital & E-commerce (Health & Beauty)
The Dairy Farm Group

Collaborative working

Multi-partner teams

With our team driving the user experience and user interface design of the flagship websites we worked in close collaboration with Dairy Farm's internal Product and Marketing teams in both Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as their third-party Technology partner. With the team on the ground, we led multi-partner working sessions ensuring all teams had a seat at the table. Management and oversight over multiple parties required open communications, a flexible approach and sharp attention to detail to ensure everything came together.

What I loved most about working with their team was their very high sense of ownership, they work very closely with us, always as part of ONE team and that they have always kept the consumer at the heart of all our conversations!
Regional Head of Digital & E-commerce (Health & Beauty)
The Dairy Farm Group
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