Beanbag – An IoT Home Comfort App
Quick Facts
A mobile app companion to a powerful new hardware home automation system – creating an intuitive, easy to use experience – giving complete control over your home’s hot water, heating and lighting.
  • 5 Months
  • Design
  • App

Secure needed a simple to use companion App for the launch of their new integrated home automation system called Beanbag.


Over a 5-month period, we used iterative rapid prototyping to distill the complex hardware constraints and practical real-life considerations into a flexible design system and architecture.


Final release includes:

  • Intelligently control your home lighting, heating and hot water from wherever you are
  • Easy template based and graphics setup process
  • Optimise settings for cost saving and view the current status of your home
  • Set the target temperature, lighting and hot water across the week including special events
  • Invite friends and family members to manage your home
  • Home performance feed
  • Add devices and upgrade to future proof
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