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MindRDR is a new application which connects Google Glass and Neurosky EEG biosensor, allowing users to take photos and share them on Twitter and Facebook using brainwaves to navigate the user interface.

This project was born through an ongoing discussion in the This Place studio on the use of wearable devices. We have been especially interested in how humans will interact with their devices in new and more intuitive ways. Rather than speculate, we set out to create the user interface of the future – The MindRDR project is the result of our efforts.

The Plan

We want to change the future of usability for everyone. As a digital design agency, we are acutely aware of the importance of accessibility and potential for digital technologies to enhance the lives of millions of people who live with disabilities. It seemed clear to us that in order to make a difference, we needed to focus on cutting out the need for a high level of dexterity to operate computers, and instead focus on utilising the power of the mind.

Explorations in Mind Control

This Place have been playing with Google Glass for some time now and we saw it as the perfect platform on which to focus our efforts. We then bought a widely available device that could detect brain activity, the Neurosky Mindwave, and began our journey towards connecting the two.

Our first task was to find out what brain data we could detect and utilise. Using the software bundle with the EEG device, we quickly realised that the two most powerful metrics we could measure were Concentration and Meditation. We then hacked together a method for connecting the device to the Google Glass so that we could create a simple app to test things out. For our first test we created an app that displayed a counter starting at 0.  When the user concentrated, the app would begin counting upwards towards 50. If the user entered a relaxed state, the counter began returning to 0. This successful test showed us that we were indeed controlling Glass with our mind.

MindRDR is Born

We wanted to harness this control mechanism into an app that demonstrated a real-world use case, something that people could use. Therefore we created MindRDR, an app that allows a user to take a photo and socialise it via Twitter, all with the power of their mind. The successful development of this telekinetic interface prototype has allowed us to dream bigger and look to fulfil our goal of bringing this next generation User Interface into the mainstream.

In order to make sure that the MindRDR project continues to break new ground, we have released all of the source code so that other developers can bring their own expertise and enthusiasm to the project and continue to realise the future of Human-Computer Interaction Design. To learn more please go to

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