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The World's First Thought Interface for Smart TVs


MindRDR TV the first platform to allow control of video content on a tv using a thought interface

Smart TV remote controls are hard use...

TV remotes rely on high dexterity, good eyesight, and the understanding of complex icons. This Place set out to develop a new way of controlling TV content that requires no physical interaction at all.

Remote control

A remote that doesn’t require movement

This Place designed a smart TV interface that uses changes in brainwaves to control TV content.

How MindRDR TV works

Users wear a Neurosky EEG (brainwave) sensor that is wirelessly connected to an app which is then cast to the TV using Chromecast. The user changes their mental state to decide what content plays on the TV.

Your brain is the controller

MindRDR TV uses mental state to control video discovery and playback. Users can choose either concentration or relaxation to control content, making it the world’s first thought interface for TV. Users select their video; focus on relaxing or concentrating and the programme plays, focus again and it exits to the menu.

A bold new interface

By introducing two visual scales in the interface, users are able to adjust their mental state to play and stop iPlayer and Youtube content.

MindRDR TV going forward

We are looking to work with individuals and organisations to adapt MindRDR TV to new platforms and expanding the functionality. If you are interested in working with us, or want to learn more about MindRDR TV or other innovations at This Place, please contact us.

If you are a member of the press, a press pack is attached below.

Press Pack

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